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THE DUMB BANANA Pin Button in Yellow

THE DUMB BANANA Pin Button in Yellow

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THE DUMB BANANA Pin Button in Yellow is truly an enduring and classic masterpiece in the world of banana pop art!!!  Andy Warhol was so moved that he became a banana himself and dedicated his entire refrigerator to plantains!!!  You won't find these pins at the Guggenheim... or even the Whitney - because they all sold out!!!  But, for a limited time only, we are proud to offer these once in-a-life pins from The Dumb Banana himself!!!  You'll love how great THE DUMB BANANA looks on shirts, jackets, backpacks and more!!!  These one of-a-kind pin buttons are made from metal but are lightweight and durable with a strong safety pin.  "A banana is a banana is a banana!" ~The Dumb Banana

  • 3 Diameter Sizes to choose from (1.25 inches, 2.25 inches and 3 inches and all are 0.16 inches thick)
  • Safety pin backing
  • Made in the USA
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