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  • The Dumb Banana Collection

    Get ready to smile and laugh as you shop the dumb banana collection where humor reigns supreme!!!

  • Fine Art Prints

    Fine Art Prints galore!!! Les dames de Paris and King Leopold will have you wanting more and more!!! Explore amazing art right here!!!

  • The Lu Lu Collection

    Join Lu Lu, the world's only blue flamingo, in a celebration of uniqueness and joy!!! Discover Lu Lu's Collection!!!

  • The Christmas Collection

    Do you love Christmas like we do???Celebrate the joys of Christmas everyday with our Christmas keepsakes!!!

  • Bob & Lu Lu Superstars (COMING SOON)

    Meet the family!!! From Miss Penny to Lady Yokohama. Get to know the amazing characters that make up the world of Bob & Lu Lu Art!!!

    Coming Soon!!! 
  • The Halloween Collection

    From terrifying tumblers to spooky ol' stickers and skeletons!!! Shop all sorts of ghoulish gear and Halloween themed items all year!!!

  • Good Morning Mrs. Hudson!!!

    Mrs. Hudson is now retired and does not miss Show and Tell!!!

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  • Les dames de Paris

    Parisian women are the hottest!!! So chic... so classy and so elusive!!!

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  • Arizona Tourists

    Everyone wants to go to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon!!!

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  • Afternoon Tea with Lady Bedford!

    Leave it to Lady Bedford to throw the wildest tea parties in London with cucumber sandwiches!!!

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  • Taniqua The Mermaid!!!

    The most beautiful mermaid ever to swim the Seven Seas!!!

    Buy Taniqua Today! 
  • The Three Musketeers!!!

    Let's just say that these swashbuckling poodles had impeccable manners and the most amazing shoe collections!!!

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  • Stanley The Great!!!

    Under the big tent, Stan was "the man"... and so much more than just a human cannonball!!!

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  • Paper Moon!!!

    Harold was the backup for Tallulah Bankhead and became one of the greatest ladies of the stage!!! Would you just look at those marvelous legs!!!

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  • Poker Face!!!

    When it comes to poker, no one beats Miss Poodle Doodle!!!

    Purchase Poker Face Today! 
  • Bon Appetit!!!

    All master chefs from Le Cordon Bleu know that when it comes to fine French cooking, it always starts with a glass of wine, a pig and some Brie Cheese!

    Bon Appetit!!!

    Buy Bon Appetit Today! 
  • Last Call!!!

    At the O.K. Corral, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp knew how to line them up and keep those drinks coming!!!

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  • The Girls!!!

    As they say, "Girls just want to have fun" and these Divas will prove it beyond words!!!

    Buy The Girls Today! 
  • Ramona!!!

    Ramona is Wonder Woman!!! She may not have an invisible airplane or look like Lynda Carter... but who does... except Lynda Carter!!! She feels fabulous because she accepts being different and loves her own unique beauty... which makes her a superhero in our books!!!

    Buy Ramona Today! 
  • Henry!!!

    Although Henry had the notorious reputation of being a real lady-killer and man pig, he was one heck of a Renaissance man!!!

    Buy King Henry Today! 
  • Pierre!!!

    Pierre... the legendary femme fatale with a sordid past, has ruined many men of limited means but remains the Number 1 Back Alley Tourist Attraction in Paris!!!

    Purchase Pierre Today! 
  • Stud Muffin!!!

    Hank is a "dream boat" come true for so many women at The Court of Versailles!!! Louis also had his eye on him and affectionately referred to Hank as "my little poodle!!!"

    Buy Stud Muffin Today! 
  • Simone and Angelique

    Much to the delight of their customers, these working girls do not type but stay open during lunch, cater bar mitzvah parties and always accept Traveler's Checks!!!

    Buy Simone & Angelique Today! 
  • Amsterdam!!!

    Antoon van Dyck is a Flemish houseboat painter, Red Light Tour Guide and tulip florist with a delightful personality and history!!! He's legendary for sticking not one but two fingers in dikes and going "Dutch" at every opportunity!

    Buy Amsterdam Today! 
  • Louis... The Bird of Paradise takes Paris by Storm!!!

    Not since Josephine Baker twirled her bananas has Paris been in flames and deeply in love... with the one and only L'oiseau de paradis!!! As Louis says, "You may not be able to take the 'country' out of the bird but you sure can take that birdie out of the country in a lovely sequin dress!!!"

    Buy Louis Today! 
  • Josephine

    No one at the Moulin Rouge could do the Cancan like Josephine!!! She drove men wild with her high kicks, cartwheels and silky pantalettes! She was a true artist and always saved the best for last... a scandalous grand finale with the most amazing view!!!

    Buy Josephine Today! 
  • From Berlin with Love!!!

    It was in the Summer of 1927 when they met. Helga was a cabaret singer and Oskar was a traveling shoe salesman. It was love at first sight! They sipped champagne, ate caviar and held hands when she wasn't on stage! As fate would have it, Oskar spotted a woman leaving the club in the most amazing pair of red stiletto pumps and he too quietly left... leaving the bar tab for Helga to pay! So, that was end of their incredible but brief affair and another torch song for Helga to sing!!!

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The Dumb Banana Collection!!!

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Discover Lu Lu... And Her Amazing Flamingo Designs!!!

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The Lu Lu Collection

Love & Celebrate Your Amazing Uniqueness With Lu Lu The Blue Flamingo!!!

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Meet Lu Lu!!! The lovable and inspirational flamingo who discovers being blue and unique is a beautiful thing!!!

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The Christmas Collection

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The Halloween Collection

From Terrifying Tumblers To Spooky Stickers Shop This And So Much More!!!

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