About Us

We're a happy little company based in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!  All of our creations are truly one-of-a kind, whimsical and original because art should make people feel good, laugh and enjoy!!!  

What About Bob???  Bob is the artist and writer at Bob and Lu Lu Art.  He loves dogs, helping people, visiting art museums and traveling... and, could probably eat pizza and gyros everyday!!!  In 2012, he wrote and illustrated Lu Lu, The Blue Flamingo, combining both his backgrounds in art and psychology as a child and adolescent therapist to inspire and empower youth in accepting, embracing and loving their uniqueness.  His works have been exhibited in Austin, Chicago, Little Rock, New York, Phoenix and Savannah.  
Oh That Barry!!!  Barry is the "funny bone and the brains" at Bob and Lu Lu Art - he loves to make people laugh and be happy!!!  Barry is the creator of The Dumb Banana, the world's most lovable banana, and other cherished characters!!!  He has an extensive background in business and advertising...  loves all animals and is a fantastic gardener who has saved many plants from extinction!!!
Miss Penny The Parrot!!!  There are no words to describe Miss Penny!!!  We never know what she's going say but we do know that it's going to be funny!!!  We can't tell if she's a "girl" as she has yet to lay an egg in 27 years!!!  Miss Penny is the PR Specialist at Bob and Lu Lu Art and is fantastic at shredding papers and answering the phones!!!
Mister Jiggles The Chihuahua!!!  Mister Jiggles literally "runs the show" with love at Bob and Lu Lu Art!!!  He has a big heart and is the little Chihuahua "that could!!!"  We couldn't do it without Jiggles!!!
So... this is who we are at Bob and Lu Lu Art!!!  Enjoying life with fun art... loving, cherishing and celebrating the uniqueness in all of us and laughing along the way with a couple of pizzas and gyros!!!