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St. Lucia Christmas Tree Angel Metal Ornament

St. Lucia Christmas Tree Angel Metal Ornament

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We love the Scandinavian tradition of St. Lucia and how she is celebrated as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish and Norwegian winters!!!  Our St. Lucia is presented as a Christmas Angel bearing light, love and warmth to all homes over the holidays!!! St. Lucia is especially known for her compassion and generosity and is a much cherished figure in Scandinavia!!!  Our St. Lucia Christmas Tree Angel Ornament will add a special touch of "love and light" to all Christmas Trees and holiday gatherings!!!  

  • Width: 3.50 inches; Height: 3.50 inches; Thickness: 0.03 inches
  • White aluminum base with a glossy finish
  • Scratch and chip resistant surface
  • Each ornament comes with a red ribbon for hanging
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